Picture Index Properties
This dialog lets you add and remove images in a Picture Index, set the number of rows and columns, and set the spacing between the images.
To add images to a Picture Index Smart Object:
1 Click Add to locate and select the image files you want to add.
To select more than one file, press and hold the Ctrl key while you select the image files.
To select all of the image files in a folder, select the folder.
2 Click OK.
The image files are added to the Image List.
Note: You can also select and drag files and folders from another application into the Image List area. If the file is not a supported file type, Label Creator will not allow you to drop it into the Image List area.
3 Optional: You can remove an image file from the list by selecting it then clicking Remove, or remove all the images by clicking Remove All.
4 Optional: To reposition an image file in the list, select the image file and click Move Up or Move Down once to move it one position, or continue clicking until it is in the position you want. You can also select more than one image and reposition the group.
5 Use these buttons to arrange the layout of your picture index images:
n Rows: Sets the number of rows.
n Columns: Sets the number of columns.
n Thumbnail Spacing: Sets the number of pixels between the images.
6 Click OK.
The Picture Index object is added to the layout.