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Printing Label Creator projects
Overview of printing Label Creator projects
You can print on plain paper, special label or cover stock, directly onto discs, and you can also burn labels onto discs if you have a LightScribe-enabled recorder and discs.
Printing on label or cover stock
You can buy special pre-cut, adhesive paper for disc labels. Label Creator supports most of the labels you’ll find in office supply stores. Cover paper is heavier than regular printing paper, and is usually referred to as cover stock; it is also common in office and computer retail stores.
For best results, we recommend using a label applicator designed to center labels onto discs.
Note: Some DVD drive manufacturers discourage the use of labels on discs. Please check the documentation that came with your recorder.
Label Creator includes predefined settings for many kinds of commercially-available labels and cover stock. They are listed in the Print dialog box. In most cases, you only need to select the correct stock before printing.
Printing directly onto discs
If your printer prints directly onto discs, it will appear in the menu for paper selection during the print process. Be sure to use only discs supported by your printer; you cannot use regular CDs or DVDs. It’s also important that you set up your printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Follow the instructions for printing as if you were printing to paper.
Burning labels onto discs using LightScribe
LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling is a disc labeling technology that lets you burn CD and DVD labels simply by flipping the discs over and putting them back in the same disc drive that burned your data.