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DVD Music Assistant—Add Tracks
DVD Music Assistant guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a DVD Music Disc.
A DVD Music Disc is a special type of DVD-Video that contains music tracks, arranged in menus and track lists. You can play the disc on a set-top disc player, or on your computer using video playback software such as CinePlayer.
A 4.7 GB recordable DVD disc can hold up to 25 hours of music. A double-layer 8.5 GB DVD disc can hold up to 50 hours of music.
To add tracks to a DVD Music Disc:
1 In the Disc Name box, enter a name for the DVD Music Disc.
2 To add tracks from your hard disk to your project:
a Click Add Tracks.
b Browse to and select the files you want to add.
c Click Add.
3 To copy tracks from a disc:
a Insert a music disc into your disc drive.
b Click Add from Disc.
c If the drive containing the disc is not already selected, then select it.
d Select the tracks that you want to copy, and then click Add.
e Choose the desired import settings, and select a location on your hard disk where you would like to save the music tracks.
f Click Save.
g Close the Media Selector window.
4 Click Next to continue.