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DVD Music Assistant—Customize
You can customize your DVD Music Disc in the following ways:
n by adding or removing Smart Menus. Smart Menus are created automatically as you add tracks. Using the audio tag information associated with each track, such as artist and album, DVD Music Assistant sorts the tracks into menus.
n by changing the menu style. You can choose one of the attractive menu styles provided with DVD Music Assistant. The menu style controls the menu layout and the button style.
n by choosing a photo to use as the background for your menu
To customize your DVD Music Assistant project:
1 Select the Smart Menus that you want to appear in your project.
The preview on the right updates as you select and deselect Smart Menus.
2 To change the menu style, click Select Style.
3 For more information, click Help or press F1 in the Style dialog box.
4 To select a picture to apply to the menu background, follow these steps:
a Click Add Background Image.
b Browse to and select the photo you want to use as the menu background.
c Click OK.
d If you want to remove the background image, deselect the checkbox beside Add Background Image.
5 Click Next to continue.