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Creating MP3/WMA discs
Overview of creating MP3/WMA discs
An MP3/WMA disc is a CD or DVD data disc that can be played on a player that supports MP3 or WMA files. With Music Disc Creator, you can make your own MP3/WMA discs by recording MP3 or WMA files stored on your hard disk and other discs. You can also add other types of supported audio files, if your player supports those file types in addition to MP3 or WMA files.
Note: Some players, including many DVD-Video players, support playback of MP3 CDs, but not MP3 DVDs.
Note: Files that are protected by digital rights management (DRM) technology cannot be added to MP3/WMA projects.
The following list shows the basic steps for creating MP3/WMA discs:
n If it is not already selected, choose MP3/WMA Disc as the project type.
n Add tracks to the project.
n Organize the tracks into folders. For more information, see Adding folders to MP3/WMA discs.
n Optionally, you can add data files to the disc, such as a Word document with music lyrics, or cover art files. For more information see Adding a data folder to MP3/WMA discs.
When you have completed your project, you can burn it to disc or save it as a disc image file. You can also send the tracks to a portable device, such as an iPod® or PSP™.
Note: To send tracks to an iPod, you must have iTunes installed.
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