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Music Disc Creator project basics
Welcome to Music Disc Creator
Music Disc Creator lets you create music compilations to play on your home or car stereo, portable music player, DVD player, or on your computer. You can use audio files from your music CDs, hard disk, or DVD-Video sources to create music discs.
With Music Disc Creator, you can:
n Import audio from various sources to use in your projects. You can import non-protected tracks from your iPod®, rip tracks from CDs, import playlists, extract audio from DVDs, or record audio using a microphone.
n Use Quick Sound Editor to trim audio tracks, add fading, and remove clicks, crackling, and other unwanted noises.
n Add track information, such as the artist name, album title, and track title—you can search for track information from the online music database, or enter your own information.
n Export tracks to popular audio file formats, or burn your project to disc, or create a disc image file.
n Send tracks to a portable device, such as an iPhone® or PSP™.