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Photos to enhance dialog box
Use this assistant to change more than one photo at the same time. After you apply a change, the assistant prompts you to accept or reject the change. You can accept or reject all changes, or you can review individual photos and decide whether to accept or reject a change for each one.
You can apply the following changes to multiple photos:
Fix commands
AutoFix analyzes the photo, and then, with one click, fixes flaws using predefined settings. You can choose to keep these changes or restore the photo to its original settings.
Click to automatically adjust the intensity level of the photo’s dark areas and bright areas.
Click to automatically adjust the strength, or depth, of color. Increasing the saturation makes dull photos look more vivid, but may cause other colors in the photo, such as skin tone, to become too vivid.
Click to automatically increase the distinctiveness of the edges in the photo.
Red Eye
Click to automatically correct the “red eye” that appears in a photo when the flash from the camera reflects from the subjects’ eyes.
Transformation commands
Use the Rotate commands to rotate photos left, right, or 180 degrees.
Use the Flip commands to flip photos on their vertical or horizontal axis.
Click to reduce, enlarge, or crop your photos.
Special effects
Black and white
Click to convert the photo to black-and-white.
Click to apply a photo negative effect. Colors are replaced with their complementary colors (for example, orange with blue and green with red).
Click to apply a brown tint to the photo.
Convert commands
Click to rename your photos.
Click to convert the photos to a different format.