My Media view
The My Media view shows your Smart Views and albums.
Smart Views are media file groupings automatically created and maintained by Media Manager, based on common characteristics such as media type, date, or keyword. You can also create Smart Views from your search queries, or from existing Smart Views.
Albums are media file groupings that you create and manage yourself. You can use albums to group media files from vacations, events, or special occasions. If you’ve already organized your photos and videos into folders, Media Manager automatically creates an album for each folder. When you add a photo or video to one of these folders, Media Manager automatically adds it to your album.
A single media file can be included in multiple Smart Views and albums. Moving media files from one album or Smart View to another does not affect the files’ physical location on the disk. When you remove media files from Smart Views or albums, the media files are not physically deleted from your disk.
You can remove a media file from a Smart View, which removes the file from all other Smart Views to which it belongs. (The files are not removed from the Windows file system.)
You can also rename files within a Smart View, which renames the file in all other views to which it belongs, as well as in the Windows file system.
You cannot delete, rename, or move Smart Views.
Note: Media Manager cannot find files that are renamed, moved, or deleted within Windows Explorer. If you disconnect or remove a storage device, such as a CD or DVD disc, files on the device will not be found.