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Media Manager options—QuickShow
Use this dialog box to set the default options for viewing QuickShows. You can override these options when watching a QuickShow.
Slide duration
Enter the number of seconds for each slide to appear on the screen before the QuickShow advances automatically to the next slide.
From the drop-down list, select the transition to be used between slides.
Apply auto motion effects to images
Select this option to add zoom and panning effects to your slide shows. QuickShow zooms in and out of the photos, and pans across them.
Play associated sounds
Select this option to play the sound tags assigned to the media files.
Play background sound
Select this option to play a background sound. To choose a background sound, click Browse, select the sound file that you want to play, and then click Open.
Fade out background sound if it is too long
Select this option to have the background sound fade out gradually at the end of the slide show if the sound is longer than the slide show.
Loop background sound if it is too short
Select this option to play the background sound continuously for the duration of the slide show, if the sound is shorter than the slide show.