Deleting albums
Follow this procedure to delete an album and any albums that are contained within it. When you delete an album, you can choose to permanently delete the media files in the album. If you do, the files are deleted from Windows Explorer, as well as all Smart Views and albums in which they are contained.
To delete an album:
1 If you are not in the My Media view, in the Browse area, click My Media.
2 In the Browse area, select the album you want to remove.
3 In the Browse area, click Delete Selected Album.
Media Manager prompts you to confirm that you want to remove the album.
4 Optional: If you want to permanently delete the files referenced by the album, select the Permanently delete the media files within the selected album(s) from your computer check box.
If you want to remove only the album, but keep the files on your system, do not select this option. The media files remain in any other folders, Smart Views or albums to which they belong.
Note: When you select this option, the files are sent to the Recycle Bin, if the move to Recycle Bin option is enabled in your Windows system.
5 Click Yes.
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