Renaming media files
You can rename individual media files, or you can rename a group of files at the same time.
Pictures from your digital camera typically come with names like dsc101.jpg, dsc102.jpg, and so on. You might want to give them a more meaningful name, like 001-SummerBBQ_2010.jpg, 002-SummerBBQ_2010.jpg, and so on.
To rename a media file:
1 Right-click the file you want to rename, and choose Rename.
2 Enter a new file name and press Enter.
To rename a group of media files:
1 Browse to and select the files you want to rename.
2 Right-click one of the selected files, and choose Rename Tools.
The Rename Tool dialog box appears. In this dialog box, you can specify three parts for the file name.
3 In the Begin With, Middle, and End boxes, choose the name components.
If you choose Text Only or Change Text, enter the text you want to use. If you choose Auto Count, specify the starting number and the number of digits you want to use. If you choose Replace, specify the text you want to replace and the new text.
4 To see the result of your change, click Preview.
5 If you are satisfied with the results, click OK, and the change will be applied.
Tip: If you are dissatisfied, click Reset to change back to the original names.
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