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Finding missing media files
Why are media files missing?
Files might be missing if:
n you move, delete, or rename them in Windows Explorer
n they are on a removable medium, such as a CD, that has been removed
n they are on a network drive to which your computer is not connected
When a file becomes unavailable for any of these reasons, the reference to the file remains in the collection, but you will not be able to do certain tasks, such as preview the file or burn it to disc.
When you try to access the file, the Cannot Find Required Files dialog box appears stating which file is unavailable, and prompts you locate or skip it.
Locating missing media files
Follow this procedure to locate missing media files.
To locate missing media files:
1 Optional: In the Cannot Find Required Files dialog box, click Show Files to see the list of missing media files or Hide Files if you do not want to view the list.
2 Choose one of the following ways to locate the media files:
n If the missing media files are on a disc, insert the disc into the disc drive, and then click Retry.
n If all of the listed files still have the same names but have been moved to a new folder, click Browse, locate the folder in which the files are stored, and then click OK.
n If the missing media files have been renamed, or if individual files have been moved to different folders, select one file at a time from the Required Files list, and then click Locate File to browse to the file. Repeat for each file.
If Media Manager finds all of the missing media files on the disc or in the folder, then the Cannot Find Required Files dialog box closes.
If Media Manager finds some of the missing media files, they are removed from the missing files list. Repeat this step to locate the rest of the files.
3 If you want to continue the task that you were starting before the Missing Files dialog box appeared without finding the missing media files, click Skip Rest.
You can skip one group of files at a time by clicking Skip. For example, you can skip all the files missing from a certain CD, and move on to the next group of missing files.
The Missing Files dialog closes and you can continue with your task. Some media files will not be available for the task. For example, if you are burning files to disc, the missing files will not be burned.
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