creator>Selecting folders for monitoring>Monitored Folder Settings dialog box
Monitored Folder Settings dialog box
This dialog box lets you customize the options for folder monitoring.
Add folders to monitor
This window displays the folders that will be monitored for new media files. To add folders to the list, click Add Folder and locate the folders you want to monitor. Use the Remove Folder button, and Clear All button to manage your list of monitored folders and Windows libraries.
Monitor folders at startup
Select to automatically start folder monitoring when you start your computer. If this option is not selected, Media Manager will not start monitoring your folders for new media files after you restart your computer.
Show Notifications on startup
Select to display notification messages when folder monitoring starts and stops, and when other significant events occur.
Filter small files
Select to prevent files below a minimum size from being added to your Smart Views. The file size varies depending on the media type. For example, if you select this option, your photos will be added to Smart Views, but icons and other user interface files will not.