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Changing the volume of an audio clip with the Audio Editor
You can raise or lower the volume of an audio clip, which initially registers a flat dB level (zero). (dB, otherwise known as decibel, is the relative loudness of the sound.) The volume can be increased or decreased from the original setting—each unit on the scale is an exponential change.
To change the volume of an audio clip in the Audio Editor:
1 Open the Audio Editor for the audio clip you want to edit (see Opening the Audio Editor).
2 Move the Overall Volume (dB) slider to the desired level.
Note: When you click Play to listen to your changes, watch the Left Level and Right Level meters to be sure the audio is not clipping and adding distortion. The indicators can reach the far right area of the meter, and if the end clip turns red the volume should be reduced.
3 When you are satisfied with the volume level, click OK.
The volume adjustment is applied and the Audio Editor closes.
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