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Step three: Add transitions to your production
In this step, you add transitions. A transition is the change you see between one photo and the next in a slideshow.
Tip: You can also apply a transition theme, which applies transitions of the selected style between all items in your production. For more information, see Selecting and applying a transition theme.
To add transitions:
1 In the Tools area, click Show Effect Selector.
2 Click Transitions.
The Transitions view appears, displaying thumbnails of the transitions you can use.
3 Optional: To preview a transition, click Play in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.
4 From the Effect Selector, drag any transition to an empty transition panel between two video clips in the Production Editor.
Add as many transitions as you like.
5 To set the amount of time for which the transition will play, follow these steps:
a Select the transition and on the Production Editor toolbar, click Trim.
b In the Duration text box, enter the number of seconds you want the transition to last. (One second is generally enough.)
c To apply this duration to all transitions you have added to your slideshow or movie, select Apply to all.
d To apply this duration to the selected transition, click OK.