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Step five: Output your production
You can output your production in different ways, depending on what you want to do with it.
To output your production in one of many formats:
1 Choose Output > Export As.
You are prompted to save your production.
2 Click Yes, specify a file name, and click Save.
The Make Movie dialog box appears, displaying options for the type of files you can output to.
3 Use the Purpose settings to choose a video standard and how you want to output your production.
4 If you have created a 3D production, choose a 3D Video Format. In most cases, if you will be viewing it on a standard display, choose Anaglyph. If you are not sure of the correct format, consult the documentation provided with your 3D-compatible display or video card.
5 Choose the video file quality settings, or click New to create a new quality definition for your production.
6 In the text box, type a name for your production, and if you want, click Browse to change the location in which the file is stored on your computer.
7 Click Create Video File to generate your production.
Note: If you need more information at any time, click Help in the Make Movie dialog box.
8 Click Close to close the Make Movie dialog box.