Recording narration
You can add narration to span an entire production, or to an individual photo, video clip, or color panel.
To record narration:
1 To record narration for an item, select the item and click Internal Tracks to change to Edit Item mode.
2 In the Production Editor, click Add Narration Add Narration button .
The Narration dialog box appears.
3 Click Audio Settings, and from the Device drop-down list, select the audio input device that the audio source is plugged into. (Usually, this is the name of the sound card installed in your computer, into which you have plugged the microphone.)
4 From the Input drop-down list, select the jack on the audio input device into which the audio source is plugged. (Usually, this is the name of the microphone that you have plugged into the sound card.)
5 Check the Directory for the location the narration will be recorded to. If you want to change the location, click Change Folder, browse to and select the new location, and click OK.
6 To close the Select audio device dialog box, click OK.
7 Before you begin recording, test the volume level at which it will record your voice. Begin speaking into the microphone.
Narration dialog box
8 As you are speaking, adjust the level so that the Input Volume Meter does not display any red bars. (Green and yellow are acceptable.) If the loudest part of the meter reaches the red, the input volume is probably too loud.
You can adjust the level in these ways:
n Drag the Level slider left or right.
n Click Plus (+) or Minus (-) to increase or decrease the volume.
n Enter a number in the Level box.
9 Use the Preview controls in the Narration dialog box (not the Preview button) to cue the video to a second or two before the exact frame in the production at which you want to begin recording narration.
10 To begin recording narration, click Record.
A countdown will begin. When the countdown is complete, Production Editor displays a recording message.
11 Speak into the microphone.
12 When you are finished, click Stop.
The narration completes, and the narration is added to the Recorded Narrations box. You can continue with one of these actions:
n Click Preview to review a selected narration.
n Click Delete to remove a selected narration.
n Click Record to record another narration.
Note: The Record button is active only if the playhead is at a position that does not have a narration.
13 Click Done to close the Narration dialog box.
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