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Setting the duration of photos or color panels
You can set the display time—known as the duration—for each photo or color panel that you add to your production. When you play back the production, the duration is the length of time a photo displays before moving to the next item in the production.
In addition to being able to set the duration of photos precisely, you can also change these settings:
n Set the default duration used for new photos or color panels you add to your production.
n Apply a specific duration to all photos or color panels in your production.
To set the duration of photos:
1 In the Production Editor, select a photo.
2 On the Production Editor toolbar, click Trim.
The Adjust Duration dialog box appears.
3 Adjust the number of seconds you want the selected photo to display.
4 To save the new duration as the default for all photos added to the production in future, select Save as default.
5 To apply the change to all photos in the production, select Apply duration to all still images in the current production.
6 Click OK.
Tip: You can also set the duration of an image that is displayed in the Preview area by using the Preview toolbar Duration Plus (+) or Minus (-) buttons (or by entering the exact number of seconds and milliseconds).
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