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PhotoSuite options: Edit
n Resolution quality: Specify a resolution in dots per inch (dpi) for photos that do not contain this information in their files. The resolution is assigned to a photo when you open it.
Whether a photo has a dpi value or not largely depends on the source from which it came. Scanners mostly support dpi; some cameras do not. When you save the photo, the dpi information is saved with the file if the file format you choose supports it.
Note: The setting you specify here is also applied to any new documents you create using PhotoSuite. For example, when you create a new blank canvas, it will be assigned the dpi value you specify here.
The following settings are available:
n Professional (600 dpi)
n Photographic (300 dpi) (recommended)
n Sharing via e-mail or Web pages (150 dpi)
n Viewing on screen (72 dpi)
n Units of measure: Select a default unit of measure to be used in the Edit activities.
n PNG format: To keep transparency information when you save a PNG file, select the check box. This option is selected by default and can be overridden in the Save As options for PNG.