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Working with objects
What is an object?
Each element placed on the Canvas in PhotoSuite is an object. PhotoSuite uses the following types of objects:
n Photos
n Clip art
n Text objects
n Graphic objects (shapes, such as squares, circles, or triangles)
n Cutouts
You can add, remove, and replace each object in your project or photo file, manipulate its size and position, and make other types of changes depending on the type of the object.
Changing objects
You can add objects to any type of file supported by PhotoSuite; however, you can only edit an object if the file format is one of the following:
n PhotoSuite project format (.dmsp)
n Any other file format supported by PhotoSuite, and the file has not been flattened.
See Supported file formats for information on file formats supported by PhotoSuite.
See Flattening objects or projects for more information about flattening files.
For more information...
These procedures show how to work with photos and objects in a project: