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Changing text color and adding shading
This procedure explains how to change the color of the text object, and add shading. Shading creates a gradual change from one color to another. For example, the text can be blue starting at the left, and gradually change to purple on the right.
To change the text color and add shading:
1 Select the text object in the Canvas or in the Object List.
2 In the Enhance pane, click Add or Edit Text.
3 In the Primary Color drop-down list, select a color.
Tip: For more color choices, select More colors. Or use the eye dropper: Click the eye dropper tool, and then click a sample of the color you want to use. You can click a color anywhere in the PhotoSuite window—for example, you can select a color from a photo in the Canvas.
4 To add shading, select a color from the Seconary Color drop-down list.
5 To change the appearance of the shading, select a direction from the Shading Direction drop-down list.
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