Preview dialog box
Use this dialog box to preview your photos. Depending on the application from which you open Preview, you may also be able to use the following tools:
AutoFix button
AutoFix: Automatically adjust exposure, saturation, and sharpness.
Cropping button
Cropping: Trim your photos to remove unnecessary detail, and focus on the area of interest.
Remove Red Eye button
Remove Red Eye: Correct the “red eye” that appears in a photo when the flash from the camera reflects from the subjects’ eyes.
Brightness & Contrast button
Brightness & Contrast: Adjust the amount of light in the photo, and the difference between the light and dark areas in the photo.
Saturation button
Saturation: Adjust the strength, or depth, of color. Increasing the saturation makes dull photos look more vivid, but may cause other colors in the photo, such as skin tone, to become too vivid.
Rotate Right/Rotate Left buttons
Rotate Left/Rotate Right: Rotate the photo to the right or left.
Undo/Redo buttons
Undo/Redo: Undo the last change, or redo a change you have just undone.
Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons
Zoom In/Zoom Out: Enlarge the picture to view a smaller part of the photo in more detail, or reduce the picture size to view more of the picture.
Actual Size/Fit Window buttons
Actual Size/Fit to Window: Show the photo in its actual size or adjust the size to fit within the Preview window.
Revert to Original button
Revert to Original: Undo any changes since the last time you saved this photo.
Save button
Save: Save the changes that you have made to this photo.
Previous/Next buttons
Previous/Next: View the previous or next photo.
Edit button
Edit: Open PhotoSuite to make more complex changes to the photo.