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Roxio Home preferences
Select Tools > Preferences to open the preferences window. Here you will find settings that can be used to customize the projects that are built into Roxio Home.
n Participate in the User Experience Improvement Program: We value your opinion and would like you to help us make Roxio products even better. Select this option to join our improvement program.
n Display relevant product information and offers from Roxio: Select this option to display product information from Roxio.
n Enable Learning Center: The Learning Center, which includes a library of informative tutorials, can be turned on or off using this checkbox.
n Check for updates at start of application: Roxio periodically offers free software updates to improve performance and correct problems. Select this checkbox to check for updates each time you start the application.
n Prompt to save projects when exiting application: Many projects built into Roxio Home can be saved. When this checkbox is selected, you will be notified of any unsaved projects before the application closes.
n Enable animations: Select this option to display smoother transitions between some program functions.
The Restore Defaults button can be used to restore the default settings for all preferences.
Note: Not all preferences are available for all versions of Roxio Home.