Adding audio files
With Sound Editor, you can add digital audio files to a project from your hard disk, or from a removable storage device.
Note: You can only add files in formats supported by Sound Editor. When you browse for files to add, only files with supported formats are visible.
To add audio files to your project:
1 To insert an audio file into an existing audio clip in your project, select the audio clip in the Project View area.
In the Clip Editor, click to move the playback cursor to the location at which you want to insert the audio file.
2 In the task area, under Add to Project, click Add Audio File. The Media Selector window opens.
3 In the Media Selector window, browse to and select the desired files.
Tip: For more information about the Media Selector views, click Help on the Media Selector window.
4 Click OK.
The selected audio file appears in the Clip Editor.
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