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Audio CD Project Settings
Use this dialog box to add more information about the audio CD you are burning.
n Disc name: Type a name for the disc.
n Artist name: Type the name of the artist.
n Add CD-Text: Select this option if you want to enable the CD TEXT feature, which allows you to store artist, title and track information on your CD.
n Maximize volume (applied at time of burn): Select this check box to render the entire mix, and then maximize the volume of the resulting audio to ensure the loudest sound, while avoiding audio distortion.
n UPC: UPC stands for Universal Product Code. This unique number is usually found near the product bar code. One of its uses is to track the sales of commercial audio CDs.
n Add data folder to disc: Select to create a multi-session disc that contains both music tracks and a data track. The first session on the disc contains the music tracks, so a home or car stereo CD player can play them. The second session contains data intended for your computer’s disc drive.