Installing new sound effects
Sound Editor supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology) sound effects. Once the effects are installed on your computer, you can select them from the Sound Effects menu on the Clip Editor toolbar.
If the VST sound effect comes with an installation program, use that program to install the sound effect. If it does not, use the following procedure:
Note: Some VST plug-ins may not be compatible with every version of Windows; be sure to check with the plug-in developer.

Only install plug-ins from a trusted source. Corel assumes no responsibility for problems caused by plug-in installation.

We recommend that you log in as Administrator when installing VST plug-ins.
To install a VST plug-in:
1 In Sound Editor, click Sound Effects and choose VST > Add VST effect.
2 Browse to and select the VST file, and click Add.
Note: VST sound effects are implemented as .dll files, but they may be distributed as archives (such as .zip files). Extract them from the archive before installing.
The VST effect is added to the list of Sound Effects.
Tip: When you delete the effect from your computer, it is removed from the list.
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