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Adding background audio
You can select background audio through the Media Selector or you can use Scorefitter. Scorefitter audio will help keep your productions from being removed from popular Websites that have rules against using copyrighted background music without permission.
To access background audio:
n Click the Add Background Audio or Change Menu Audio buttons found in one or more of the video or slideshow components of your Roxio software suite. A dialog box will open.
To apply background audio:
1 In the Insert background audio box, choose an insert option.
2 In the Select Background Audio window, click one of the following tabs:
n Media Selector: Lets you navigate to tracks that you own and have the rights to use.
n Scorefitter: Lets you choose Scorefitter music.
3 If you choose Scorefitter, in the Duration box, specify how long you want the exported audio to be.
4 In the Style box, click a style.
5 In the Song box, click a song.
6 In the Version box, click a version.
7 Click the Preview button to listen to the song. If you want to preview another song, click any combination of Style, Song, and Version you want until you find a song that you want to use.
8 Click OK to add the song to your project.
If you want to export the song first, click the Export to button, browse to the folder in which you want to store the new file, enter the file name, and click Save.