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Creating a recovery disc
Windows has some special start-up requirements. It looks for certain files and uses them to gather information about your computer. Normally, all those files are on your hard drive, and Windows knows where to find them.
To start or boot your computer’s operating system after a crash, you must have a special disc that contains all the needed start-up files. This disc is called a recovery disc or a recovery boot disc. You will need a recovery disc to perform an Entire Computer restore or to restore the drive or drive partition containing your computer’s operating system. A recovery disc is created when you run an Entire Computer backup. You can also create a recovery disc using the Tools menu.
To create a recovery disc:
1 Click Tools > Create Bootable Recovery Disc.
2 Select an optical disc drive and insert a writable disc, such as a CD-R, or DVD-R.
3 Click OK. The computer begins writing files to the disc.
4 Click OK after the recovery disc is successfully created. Label the disc and store it in a safe place.