Project basics
There are a number of basic tasks that you can perform.
By default, MyDVD auto-saves your projects, so your work is protected in the event of a program or system interruption. Your project files are saved to the location you specified when you created the project. Project files can be identified by the .MyDVD file extension.
To create a variation of an existing project, you can use File > Save Project As to save a version of the current project to a new name.
Intro videos
You can add an intro video to your project (for example, a bumper video or opening narrative). Note that the AVCHD format does not support intro videos.
Project Settings
You can set NTSC or PAL as the default video standard for all DVD projects (does not apply to AVCHD or BD projects), or set it for the current DVD project only.
You can also choose to lock the aspect ratio for template buttons so that they can be repositioned and resized without distortion.
Erasing a disc
You can erase existing content from a disc before you burn.
Render Mode settings
You can choose between hardware and software rendering. Hardware rendering is optimal in most cases, but if you encounter issues creating an ISO file or burning to disk, you can change your render mode setting.