Using playlists
Most music players allow you to create playlists — files containing the titles and locations of the digital music you enjoy. When you select a playlist, the music player finds the songs and plays them in order.
Use playlists to make quick work of your audio recording projects. You can:
n Save the list of files in an audio project as a playlist using the Save As Playlist button.
n Drag playlists directly from any Windows directory to the project window or add them to a project using the Add files button.
n Drag playlists directly from the Quick Find window to the project window.
n Use the Move Up and Move Down arrow buttons Move up and Move down buttons are shown on the left found in the audio project window to rearrange songs within a playlist and burn them to a disc.
Note: The Burn Audio CDs project supports several playlist formats, which are listed in the project window of each new project. Playlists created using the Save As Playlist button are saved as .m3u files.