Audio CD tips and tricks
This topic offers advice that will help you get the most from your audio recording projects:
Displaying song information
If you are connected to the Internet, the application uses the Rovi Music Service database to search for artist, title, track, and other song information each time you insert an audio CD into a drive.
Renaming music files
To rename a music file in a Burn Audio CDs project:
1 Click the song name in the project window.
2 Press the F2 key on your keyboard.
3 Type the new name for the song in the Edit CD Properties dialog box.
4 Click the OK button.
Recording songs purchased from on-line music stores
Songs purchased from online music stores that use the protected WMA audio format can be burned as long as Windows Media Player 10 or greater is installed on your computer. If your project includes files that cannot be copied, you will be notified.
Keep the following guidelines in mind when creating audio projects with files purchased on-line:
n A protected WMA file can be recorded if the license to copy the file resides on your computer. The license is normally downloaded at the same time you download the audio file.
n The copy restrictions imposed by each music service extend to the project launcher. For instance, if the music service allows you to burn a playlist up to five times, burning the playlist with the Burn Audio CDs project will count toward that limit. Consult your music service’s Web site for information about use restrictions.
n Protected audio files sold by Apple’s iTunes music store cannot be burned.