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Copy Disc instructions (using one drive)
If you have one disc drive, Copy Disc will copy your master disc and store the data to a temporary location on your hard drive. You will then be asked to insert a blank or rewritable disc, and the data will be copied from your hard drive to the disc. To successfully copy a disc, your hard drive must have enough space available to store this temporary file.
To copy a disc using one drive:
1 Select the Data - Copy project category.
A list of projects is displayed.
2 Click the Copy Disc project name.
3 Insert the master disc into your recorder drive. Your drive will be selected automatically in both the Copy From and Copy To drop-down lists.
4 Click the action button.
A disc image file is created from your master disc and is stored temporarily on your hard drive.
5 Once the temporary file is created, remove the master disc from your recorder drive and insert a blank or rewritable disc.
A copy of your master disc is created.
6 Click the Make Another button to make another copy of the disc. Click the Finish button to return to the project window.
7 Remove the disc from your drive and store it in a safe place. The temporary disc image file used to create your copy will be automatically deleted.
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