What DVDs can be copied?
The Copy Disc project can be used to copy almost any unencrypted DVD. Follow these guidelines for best results:
n Make sure the disc speed and disc format are compatible with your recorder drive.
n If you plan to play your DVD in a set-top disc player, make sure the disc format and speed are compatible with the player. You may wish to experiment with discs made by different manufacturers to determine which work best with your player.
More technical details are available in the table below.
Disc type
Data DVD
Any mastered data DVD containing UDF, ISO, or Joliet file systems.
DVD-Video (single-layer)
Any unprotected DVD-Video disc 4.3 GB or less.
DVD-Video (double-layer or dual-layer)
Any unprotected DVD-Video disc 8.5 GB or less.
DVD-R dual-layer with layer-jump recording
Layer-jump recording (LJR) allows users to add data over multiple recording sessions. The data is evenly distributed on both layers of the disc.
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