Burn Disc Image instructions
To burn a disc from a disc image file:
1 Select the Data - Copy project category.
A list of projects is displayed.
2 Click the Burn Disc Image project name.
3 In the project window, select a disc image file to burn using one of the following methods:
n Click the Browse button and navigate to the disc image file on your hard drive.
n Click in the text box next to the Browse button. A list of recently created disc image files appears. Choose a disc image file from the list.
4 Choose a recorder drive fromthe Copy To drop-down list. If your system has only one drive, its name will be automatically displayed.
5 Insert a blank or rewritable disc into your recorder.
6 Select the number of copies of the disc image you want to burn.
7 Click the action button.
A copy of the original disc is created. If you are making more than one copy, follow the on-screen instructions to complete your project.
8 After the final copy has been made, click the Finish button.
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