Erase Disc
Use the Erase Disc tool to erase a rewritable disc.
To erase a rewritable disc:
1 Select Erase Disc from the Tools menu.
2 Follow the instructions in the main project window.
Should I choose Quick Erase or Full Erase?
n Quick Erase erases the disc’s table of contents, which makes the data on the disc inaccessible. However, it does not actually erase the data. Quick Erase usually takes less than one minute.
n Full Erase erases all of the data on the disc. Depending on the speed of the drive and the disc type, Full Erase can take 30 minutes or more.
3 Click the action button.
Note: Once a disc is erased, the data that was on it cannot be recovered. You may wish to review the contents of your discs before erasing them.