Editing photos : Cropping
Cropping lets you recompose your photo, remove unwanted edge areas, or change the aspect ratio to match a print output. For information about preferences related to cropping, see Crop preferences.
To crop a photo
1 Click the Crop tool crop on the AfterShot Pro toolbar or press C.
2 In the Cropping palette, do one of the following:
Choose a preset from the crop preset drop-down menu.
Choose Aspect or Pixels from the Crop mode drop-down menu, and type values in the Height and Width boxes.
3 Drag the edges of the cropping grid that appears in the Preview panel to adjust the crop area.
4 Click inside the cropping grid to reposition the crop area.
5 In the Cropping palette, click Done.
You can also
Automatically maximize the crop region to the edges of the photo
Click the Fit button.
Display or hide the cropping grid
Click the Enable Crop check box.
Switch the orientation of the cropping grid
Click the Switch height and width button .
Lock the aspect ratio of the cropping grid
Click the Lock button .
Add a crop preset to the preset drop-down list
In the Cropping palette, enter the Aspect or Pixel values you want, and click the Add button .
Tip: You can use the scroll wheel on a mouse to resize the cropping grid.