Converting Media : Converting DVD Content to Digital files
Converting DVD Content to Digital files
This section describes the basic process of converting a DVD video disc to another video format with Toast. Converted files can be saved on your computer, sent directly to iTunes, or uploaded to several popular websites.
* To convert a DVD disc
1 In Toast, choose Convert tab, and in the Convert Discs to Digital area, choose DVD.
2 In the Output Settings area, select your source disc in the Read From drop-down menu.
3 In the Device drop-down menu, select a device that will determine the format of the converted file (the device is a target for compatibility).
4 In the Quality drop-down menu, choose a quality setting.
5 Click Options to select which individual movies, extras, and audio languages will be converted. See Changing Convert Options for more information.
6 In the When Complete drop-down menu, choose an option.
7 Click the red Convert button.
Video conversion can consume a large share of your computer’s resources. Click Schedule to run the conversion at a later time.