Copying Discs : Copying a Disc Image File
Copying a Disc Image File
You can copy a disc image file to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc. Toast supports many popular disc image file formats, including, but not limited to: .toast, .dmg, .img, .iso, .bin/.cue, .cdr, .sd2, and other third-party formats.
* To copy a disc image file to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc
1 In Toast, choose Copy tab, and in the Copy Discs area, choose Single Image File.
2 In the Output Settings area, choose a Read From option, set the destination, and specify the number of copies.
3 Enable the Use Fit-to-DVD video compression check box if your original is a DVD-Video image that is too large to fit onto a standard 4.7 GB recordable DVD, selecting this option will compress it to fit on the copy. See Making a VIDEO_TS Compilation.
4 Add a disc image file by dragging it from your hard disk into the Content Area or by clicking Select.
5 Insert a blank, recordable disc.
6 Click the red Copy button.
Toast displays a progress bar and status information as it copies your disc.