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How to create image pairs
3D Photo Creator can combine and process specially created pairs of 2D photos to produce a single 3D image. You can view the new images with standard 3D glasses.
This topic explains how to create 2D image pairs using a standard camera. For information on using those image pairs to create a 3D photo, see Creating 3D photos.
To create image pairs with a standard camera:
1 Take the first picture. Nothing in the photo should be moving. This is the “left-eye” picture.
2 Move the camera 2.5 inches (about 5 centimeters) to the right without changing its vertical or horizontal angle. If you are holding the camera by hand, move the camera by shifting your weight slightly to the right. Do not recenter the main subject of the photo in the camera’s viewfinder. Take the second picture. This is the “right-eye” picture.
3 Transfer the pictures to your computer.
Tips for taking image pairs
n Make sure your subject stays still between pictures.
n Avoid scenes where everything is the same distance from the camera.
n It takes practice to successfully reposition your camera between shots. 3D Photo Creator includes adjustment buttons you can use to correct minor mistakes.
n If the main subject of your photos is less than 10 feet from the camera, reduce the distance you move the camera between shots. If the subject is a landscape and there are no close objects, you may want to increase the distance to increase the 3D effect. Experiment until you find the distance that produces the best 3D effect for each type of subject.