Step 1: Record tracks
To digitize LPs and tapes:
1 Connect your computer to your analog audio source.
If you need help with this, review the Recording Setup Guide that is displayed when the LP and Tape Assistant opens. You can access the guide later by clicking the Recording Setup Guide button in the LP and Tape Assistant application window.
2 Optional: To customize capture settings, such as file format, click Advanced Options. For more information about these settings, click Help in this dialog box.
3 In the Capture From drop-down list, select the entry that includes the name of the sound card installed on your computer.
4 In the Input box, select the audio input channel.
Note: The Input box is not available in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
5 To optimize the recording volume, play a loud portion of the audio from your audio source, and click Auto.
6 Drag the Balance slider to balance the audio level between the left and right speakers.
7 Reset your LP or tape to a position just before the point where you want to begin recording, and start playing.
8 In the LP and Tape Assistant, click Record.
9 Optional: If you limited the recording time in the Advanced Options, and you want to extend the recording time, click + (beside Time left to record) for each additional minute that you want to record.
10 When you are finished recording, click Stop.
11 Repeat step 7 to step 10 to import more audio.
12 Optional: Preview, rename, delete, and change the order of tracks.
13 To continue to the next step, click Next.