Cleaning your recording
To clean your recording:
1 In the task area, select the Clean check box.
The LP and Tape Assistant will apply the current Clean settings.
2 Optional: To change the Clean settings, follow these steps:
a Click the Clean button.
b Optional: Use the drop-down menu to select one of the available preset options (Low, Medium, or High).
c Adjust the sliders for the following settings:
n Declicker: The intensity of distinct clicks.
n Decrackler: The intensity of “crackling” sounds common to records.
n Denoiser: The threshold of hiss and rumble.
n Noise: The intensity of hiss and rumble.
d Optional: To preview your recording without the changes, select the Bypass check box and click Play/Stop.
e Optional: To preview your recording with the changes, clear the Bypass check box and click Play/Stop.
f Optional: To review the portion of the clip removed by the applied changes, click Difference.
g Optional: If you have customized the Clean settings, you can save them. Click the Save button (the diskette icon), enter a name for the custom settings, and click OK.
h Click OK to return to the LP and Tape Assistant.