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Step 2: Identify & Enhance tracks
Perform these tasks to adjust and enhance the tracks:
1 Move track separators, rename or delete tracks, add track separators). See Changing tracks for more information.
Note: To accurately identify a track using an Internet music database, the track separators for the track must be properly placed.
2 Define tags (title, artist, genre, album, track number, and year) for the tracks, or automatically download tags from the Internet. For more information, click Tags, and, on the Edit Audio Tags dialog box, click Help.
3 Clean your recording to remove sounds common to vinyl LPs and tapes, such as “hissing” and “crackling” sounds. See Cleaning your recording for more information.
4 Enhance your recording to add brightness, or a richer and more powerful bass sound. See Enhancing your recording for more information.
5 Use the Equalizer to adjust the volume of different sound frequencies. See Using the Equalizer in your recording for more information.
Note: When you clean, enhance, or use the Equalizer in LP and Tape Assistant, the effects are always applied to all audio.

If you want to apply these effects to a single track or part of a track, use Sound Editor. To open Sound Editor, open Roxio Home and select the Edit Audio task from the Music - Audio project category.
6 Apply fading to the beginning and end of the audio. See Applying fading effects for more information.
7 To continue to the next step, click Next.