Step 3: Output Tracks
To output tracks to a disc or file:
1 Select the tracks you want to output.
2 Optional: If you are burning the tracks to an audio CD, and wish to enable the CD Text feature (which allows you to store artist, title and track information on your CD) select the Add CD-Text to Audio CD check box.
3 Optional: Select the Maximize Track Volumes check box. This option maximizes the volume of the tracks, ensuring the loudest possible sound, while avoiding audio distortion.
4 Proceed to any of the following steps:
n Burning the tracks to an audio CD: Insert a blank CD into your recorder. In the task area, click Burn Audio CD. Click Help on the Burn Setup dialog box for more information.
n Saving the tracks as an audio file: See Exporting tracks to a file.
n Editing your tracks in Sound Editor: In the task area, in the Edit in drop-down list, select Sound Editor.
Sound Editor starts. Select Sound Editor Help Center from the Help menu in Sound Editor for information on using this component.
5 When you finish outputting your tracks, click Finish to close the LP and Tape Assistant.