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Transferring files to a portable device
Note: Some audio files are protected with digital rights management (DRM) and cannot be transferred to a portable device.
To transfer files to a portable device, follow these steps:
1 Click Batch Convert and Transfer on the Music - Audio project tab.
Roxio Audio Converter opens.
2 Click Add Tracks, and use the Media Selector dialog to select the audio files or tracks you want to convert. Files can be selected from a hard disk, CD, DVD, or iPod. You may be able to add audio files from other portable devices, depending on the file and device type.
3 To update the audio tags for the selected files, click Edit Audio Tags. The Edit Audio Tags dialog box opens. Edit the audio tags (for more information, click Help on the Edit Audio Tags dialog box), and click Done to close the dialog box.
4 Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to arrange the tracks in the desired sequence.
Note: Some portable devices do not support the playback order.
5 Click Send to Portable.
The Send to Portable Device dialog opens.
6 In the Select portable device box, select the device to which you want to copy the tracks.
7 Select from the available options:
n Combine all tracks into one file including transitions. When this options is selected, a File Name box appears where you can name the file. Select the desired format from the drop-down list.
If this option is not selected, you can create file names based on audio tags (such as artist and album name), by clicking File naming and choosing a naming convention.
n Force convert to preferred audio format before sending. If the songs are not in the correct format for the destination device, select this option and select the desired format from the drop-down list.
8 To start the transfer, click Send.
9 Click Close to exit the converter.
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