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Renaming files
Note: Some audio files are protected with digital rights management (DRM) and cannot be renamed.
To rename audio files, follow these steps:
1 Click Batch Convert and Transfer on the Music - Audio project tab.
Roxio Audio Converter opens.
2 Click Add Tracks, and use the Media Selector dialog to select the audio files or tracks you want to convert. Files can be selected from a hard disk, CD, DVD, or iPod. You may be able to add audio files from other portable devices, depending on the file and device type.
3 Click Convert.
4 Unless you want to keep the original files, clear the Keep original files check box.
5 In the Conversion settings box, select Keep original format.
6 Select Subfolder / file name structure.
7 From the drop-down list on the left, select Original folder.
8 From the drop-down lists on the right, select the file naming convention you want to use. You can view your changes in the Preview box.
9 Select what to do if a file with the same name already exists in a folder.
10 Click Convert.
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