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You can use Media Import to copy video media from digital video (DV) and high definition (HD) cameras, digital cameras, USB or 1394 Web cameras, analog capture cards, MPEG2 hardware devices, and DVDs.
Importing saved video
When you attach an HD camera to your computer, you can use Media Import to copy video saved on the camera.
When you attach a DV camera to your computer, you can import saved video in the following modes:
n Normal mode: You use the playback buttons to advance to the beginning of the scene to be imported.
n SmartScan mode: Media Import automatically scans the tape to identify scenes. You can then choose the scenes to be imported.
Note: You can also import saved video from a digital camera.
Importing live video
You can use Media Import to import live video from:
n an HD camera
n a DV camera
n a USB or 1394 web camera
n an analog video capture card
The video capture card allows you to import live video from a TV tuner or VCR.
n an MPEG2 hardware device
Importing movie titles
Media Import does not copy the DVD video source files, but copies titles from the DVD movie in MPEG format. You can select the titles and chapters to be copied. Media Import saves each selected movie title as a separate MPEG file.