Media Import Options dialog box
Use this dialog box to set preferences for Media Import.
n Import: Select a video input format that matches the method you are using to capture video. If you are using an analog capture device, for instance, the choices might be Composite Video and S-Video. The Input option only appears if your computer has a video capture card installed or is attached to a video capture device.
n TV Standard: Select the TV broadcast standard for the country or territory that is the source of the video broadcast you want to capture. The NTSC standard is used in North America, Japan, and most of South America. The PAL standard is used in Europe, Africa, and most of Asia.
n File Locations: Set the default storage folders for imported files.
Audio Input
n Device: Choose an audio device from the list.
n Input: If the audio input device is a sound card, select the input channel to use.
n Enable/Mute audio preview: Click to toggle audio muting on or off.