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About Easy CD and DVD Burning
Here’s a brief description of the components included in Easy CD and DVD Burning.
n Roxio Home  Roxio Home is the starting point that lets you access the components and tools you need for all of your digital media projects. Use Roxio Home to:
n Open all of your Easy CD and DVD Burning applications and utilities
n Copy discs, create data discs, and save large sets of data as disc image files
n Create Audio CDs and MP3 discs
n Convert audio CDs to digital music files
n Erase and finalize discs. (Find these projects and more under the Tools menu.)
n Music Disc Creator  Use Music Disc Creator to create music compilations to play on your home or car stereo, portable music player, DVD player, or on your computer. Using audio files from your music CDs, hard drive, or DVD-Video sources, you can create audio CDs and MP3/WMA discs.
n PhotoSuite®  Use PhotoSuite to enhance, edit, and share your digital photos. PhotoSuite includes AutoFix™, which automatically adjusts exposure, saturation, and sharpness.
n Sound Editor  Use Sound Editor to record and edit sound clips and audio files, and to create your own audio mixes. Use Easy CD and DVD Burning’s new LP & Tape Assistant to capture audio from an analog source (such as an LP or audio cassette) to create a digital audio file.
n BackOnTrack®  Use BackOnTrack to automatically protect the valuable files on your computer. You can create custom backups (Just my music files, for instance) or back up everything on your computer.