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More great projects
Easy CD and DVD Burning includes several project assistants which provide a step-by-step guide to help you create professional-looking digital media projects.
n Digitize LPs and Tapes  Create digital audio files from your old LPs and tapes in just a few simple steps. You can then edit and enhance your audio files, and even use them in your Easy CD and DVD Burning projects.
n Create Slideshows  Create a high-resolution photo slideshow in just a few clicks, including background audio and Pan and Zoom effects.
n Share Photos and Share Videos  Use these assistants to upload files to YouTube, Facebook, and Google+.
n Capture Audio from Sound Card Easy Audio Capture lets you quickly capture (record) audio from analog sources (such as LP records, tapes, or Internet radio), using a connection from your audio equipment to your computer’s sound input.
n Capture Video Use Media Import to import video to your computer.
n Create Labels and Create Labels - Advanced  Create disc labels and disc inserts such as front or back covers or booklets.
Once you’ve completed a project, you’re ready to print, burn, or e‑mail the project to friends. You can also extend your project using the advanced features of other Easy CD and DVD Burning components, such as PhotoSuite, Label Creator, or Music Disc Creator.