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How to convert files in Roxio File Converter
Converting files is easy in Roxio File Converter, but there are a few tips that are good to know before you start:
n You can convert only one file category at a time—video, or image, or audio files. However, in most cases, you can mix file types within a category. For example, you can convert JPEG and PNG files to TIFF in one batch.
n When you add files to the Media panel, if you click to browse to files, you can filter by video, image, or audio file categories.
n If you choose an option from the Device tab and you want to see information about the conversion settings, open the Advanced settings area.
n You can convert a video file that includes audio to an audio-only file.
To convert video, image, or audio files in Roxio File Converter
1 From Roxio Home, click Roxio File Converter.
2 In the Roxio File Converter window, add the files that you want to convert to the Media panel. To modify the list of files, you can click Add, Remove, or Remove All.
3 In the Settings panel, click the Format or Device tab.
If converting video files to audio files, in the Convert to area, click the Audio option.
4 In the Format list, choose the option you want.
5 In the Save file to box, type a location or click Browse to navigate to the location you want.
If you want to view or change any default conversion options, open the Advanced settings area. For more information, see Roxio File Converter Advanced settings.
6 Click the Convert button.